Oct 2, 2018

Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download 720p HDTV

Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download free BluRay

Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download free BluRay 720p HDMovie File

Film Name: Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download free BluRay

Quality: 720p HDTV

File Size: 790mb

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 7 July 2017

Language: Hindi

Cast: Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Adnan Siddiqui
imdb_votes_37x18  7.4/10 1,964 votes


Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download free BluRay Sridevi, the lead, is so great as a mother who has seen her girl’s ruthless assault, that you feel each feeling she experiences, that any mother in her place would. She merits a honor for this.

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Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download

About Movie

Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download free BluRay Ravi Udyawar’s coordinating is splendid, exact, and sets a merciless pace for the film. The camera never loses center of the hero and her steady interest for payback. Anay Goswami’s cinematography will place you amidst the activity. Furthermore, a unique specify for the unprecedented sound division work. From elevating sounds, to certain exceptionally dull minutes loaded with spooky climatic bass, that will wait on in your mind for quite a while, they got it spot on. Praise.

Mother is a forthright vengeance story of a mother who releases her fury upon foul play and injured laws. Very few motion pictures in India are as striking in depicting such subjects. This one is out and out incredible. It will demonstrate to you that a mother’s adoration for her little girl knows no limits.

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Mom (2017) Movie Torrent Download

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